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The answer is simple. You are reaching local moms who want to buy local products and services! We reach over 500,000 moms and growing families across the Mid-Michigan area. Word of mouth is the key way moms hear about and experience local businesses and products.

Our passion for relevant businesses and products that make life as a parent easier, better, more informed and enriched is at the foundation of who we are. Our team desires to connect parents to relevant products and services as much as possible! What better way to reach local families than through a local parenting resource!

We offer creative and unique ways to promote relevant information to our readers using a number of mediums including image ads, sponsored posts, guest posts, social media and Facebook live videos, giveaways, and events to reach our audience! 

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We value our clients, and pride ourselves on offering professional, top-rate services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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