Wintertime, Little Ones, and the Nugget: A Love Story


The Story Begins

Two months ago, I had no idea of the Nugget‘s existence. I first learned of it through a local Mom group and then began my research. I brought it up to my husband as a Christmas idea for our daughter. He recommended we buy two at that time, in early November, but I figured I’d wait until closer to Christmas to pull the trigger. A week later, the site was fully sold out! Two weeks after that, I unsuccessfully attempted to snag one on a limited release one minute after they dropped and was really bummed out when I failed. On Black Friday, we were lucky to score one. Little did I know or expect that this magical foam couch would be the Tickle-Me-Elmo of this year. Furthermore, I wouldn’t have imagined it to become a favorite in our household, of parents and kids alike!

The Nugget
“Part-furniture, part-toy.”

What is the “Nugget?”

The Nugget is a lovely combination of cozy foam cushions covered in easy-to-remove microsuede covers. There is a sturdy base, a seat cushion, and two triangle pillows. The base and seat cushions fold in half for more configuration potential and storage. They also have handy carrying handles built on the side. The possibilities are endless!

The removable covers make it easy for cleanup {simply wash in cold water and hang-dry} and spot treating is a breeze with traditional stain removers. While simple to move around {a 12 lb base, 9 lb seat cushion, and 3 lb triangles}, the pieces are sturdy and hold up well to play and tumbling. 

The Nugget
“With Nugget, playtime is a whole new animal, and every day is another adventure.”

Why We Love Our Nugget

Our 15-month-old daughter is a very busy little lady. The combination of wintertime and the end of my second pregnancy have made the act of keeping playtime fun and exciting in our home a challenge. Since the Nugget has entered our lives, my daughter has “asked” for it to be set up nearly every day, which she does by running up to it and pulling on the handles. While I tend to stay with more traditional configurations, my husband has made some pretty awesome obstacle courses. From ramps and slides to forts, and everything in-between, it has allowed for creativity and fun that is easy to put together and stow away when play is over. Some families choose to keep their Nugget set up all the time. We also enjoy using ours as a reading couch in my daughter’s nursery. 

Furthermore, I’ve loved all of the imagination and creativity the Nugget has fostered. It encourages active play and has made my daughter more confident in her movement and balance. I’ve enjoyed playing on it with her, too… it’s super comfortable and beats the floor!

Playtime inside the Nugget
Some puzzle time with my little one in a Nugget tunnel.

Interested in Buying One?

The Nugget {and its covers} are available for purchase online. There is often a pre-order option that ensures your Nugget will be received within 14 weeks. Once they’re shipped, they arrive in Michigan within two days {shipping times for the rest of the country can be found here}. Nugget Comfort recommends you unbox the cushions as soon as it arrives. It only took ours a couple of hours to fluff to its full Nugget glory, and we’ve loved playing on it ever since! Customer service has also been outstanding.

Have you tried the Nugget in your household?

Disclaimer: I am not a representative of Nugget Comfort. I am simply a Mom in love with the Nugget and all of the fun it has brought our family. 
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Kylie grew up in Capac, a little rural town in the thumb of Michigan. She now resides in Washington Township with her husband, Michael, daughter, Ella, and senior cat, Kiplan. Prior to becoming a mother, Kylie completed a Bachelor of Science in Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science/Pre-Health and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Analytics, both at the University of Michigan. Her career is focused on improving the quality of healthcare in the most vulnerable populations of Michigan. The past year has given the opportunity for the most challenging and rewarding role of her life: that of a mother. Kylie is passionate about spending time with her family and friends, endurance cycling and running, going to concerts at small venues, cooking fun and unique dishes with her husband, home improvement projects, playing classical piano, and the color orange. One of the most profound things she’s learned about becoming a mother is to love with all her heart, do the best she can, and try not to worry about the rest.


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