Where Are the Best Pączki in Michigan??

Fat Tuesday is just around the corner and for those in the know, know that Fat Tuesday=Pączki in Michigan.

Pączki? What’s a Pączki?

Pronounced “punch-key”, pączki are donut-like pastries filled with fruit jelly, cream, custard, or pudding. Some pączki are sprinkled with white icing, while others are dusted with powdered sugar.

How Did This Amazing Pastry Eating Tradition begin?

According to thrilist.com, “They began as a way to avoid food waste. Like many things in Poland, pączki have roots in Catholicism. They were created as a way to use up all the available sugar, eggs, butter, lard, and other goodness before Lent,” which begins the day after Fat Tuesday.

Need we say more? Keep scrolling to find the best pączki throughout Michigan.

best paczki michigan

Where Are the Best Pączki in Michigan?

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