Christi Brown

Christi and her incredibly supportive hubby live in the Davisburg/Clarkston area. They have two energetic and inexhaustible boys, ages 2 and 4. Even though she loves those little boys with all of her heart, she is incredibly honest in the fact that she is an imperfectly perfect Mom. She frequently uses clicklist in the new White Lake Kroger Marketplace so she doesn't have to take her wild boys into the grocery store and often uses the iPad as a babysitter so she can go pee by herself. Christi is a full-time working mom with a job that doesn't seem like work at all. She is a Non-Diet Nutrition Coach who helps women end their personal war with food and body image struggles. Follow Christi on Instagram with her imperfect journey of Momming and helping women love themselves again.

Skinny or Lean Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

I've stopped saying, ”I wish I looked like her” and complimenting people on weight loss. Somehow, someway, people {and society in general} got the idea that being thin and lean should be praised as “HEALTHY”...

I’m Going to be “Selfish” This Mother’s Day…Here’s Why

Skip the spa gift card because I already have one stuck to a melted fruit snack in the armpit of my wallet that you gave me back in 2015. Also, those flowers that are...

Meet Christi, a Davisburg Mom who Kicked Diet Culture Out of Her Life

Hi, I'm Christi! I will bet you a plate of Union/Woodshop Mac and Cheese that you've known the struggles of mom life and body image battles, HARDCORE. My boys, Tommy and Jack are two and...