I’m a Millennial Mom and Proud of it

The term “millennial” has such a negative connotation and countless stereotypes attached to it, but I’m here to say: I’m a millennial mom and I’m proud of it. We want more flexibility and accommodations in the...

How to Manage {and Survive} Working from Home with Kids

In the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered all K-12 schools in Michigan to close for three weeks leaving parents scrambling. As a result, it is likely many parents will find...

Mommy Confession: I Don’t Like Playing With my Kids

There. I said it. I’ve thought it numerous times. I've even mentioned it to my husband and a few friends in passing to see if anyone would take the bait and tell me they...

I Shower Every Night, But Not Because I’m Dirty

When my husband and sons are all tucked in bed and fast asleep, my daily home duties are complete, and my work is caught up, I eagerly head to my shower before I call...

13 Natural Ways to Fight Cold and Flu Season

This {most wonderful} time of the year not only signifies all things pumpkin spice, flannel, fuzzy and Pinterest-worthy, but also brings on sneezes, snotty faces, fevers, and whiny bodies.   Cold and flu season is...

Meet Katie: Boy Mom, Business Owner and Health Enthusiast

Meet Katie, one of our newest team members! We're thrilled to welcome her to our wonderful group of moms, and can't wait for you to meet her! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi mamas, I’m Katie.  I just moved back...