Melissa R

Melissa R
Melissa lives in Dryden Township. She is married to Paul and together they have 3 beautiful girls. Liliana, 6 and the twins, Violet and Izabel, 1.5. Melissa is an IVF mommy. She owns and runs Tender Journey, a line of jewelry and blog inspired by her journey through infertility. Melissa has 2 pretty rambunctious dogs, a small flock of chickens, and a few peacocks. She enjoys spending time with family and checking out local events with her girls.

If You Disagree With Me, Please Do Not “Unfriend” Me

One of my very best friends has completely opposite political views from me. Crazy, right? We don't agree on politics in most aspects, yet I call her my best friend. She remains one of...

Miscarriage: The Fear of Every Pregnant Woman

My miscarriage is probably no different from yours... My baby was here, growing, making plans, and then - just like that, my baby was gone.  That morning, I went into the ultrasound appointment excited to...

I Thank Doctors Every Time I Look at My Husband and Daughter

I love and appreciate doctors. I know we live in a Google-everything world, that facing a doctor can sometimes be scary, and that in our current sociological climate, western medicine has lost a little...

I am NOT an Independent Woman and Proud of it

I am a 33-year-old, stay at home mom of three and I am dependent on others. I am not an independent woman. I am married. I rely on my husband. I rely on him to...

The Robot Zoo Exhibit at Sloan Museum: Fun For the Whole Family

Robot Zoo: my honest opinion? It was one of the coolest exhibits I have been to with my kids. They were all able to push buttons, pull levers, throw balls, and camouflage into a wall.

Why I Added You On Facebook, Mom From School

To all of the random moms from my child's school that I've added on Facebook, Thank you. Thank you for accepting my seemingly random friend request. To know you, in any aspect, is a gift...

Talking to Strangers; Why I Encourage You To Give It A Try

One day, not too far in the future, we will be grandparents. Our children will no longer live at home. We will no longer be carrying them around, changing diapers, or driving them from...

What a New Heart Parent Needs From YOU!

My baby, Izabel, was 24 hours old when she was diagnosed with a heart condition and transported to a completely different hospital from me and her twin sister. The time after her birth and diagnosis...

Daddy Has Cancer: How We Told Our Toddler

When I was five months pregnant with our twins, an emergency room doctor walked in the room and told my husband that she believed the lump he had was malignant. He was 32 years...