Melody can be found in the little village of Leonard, where everyone knows everyone and the single blinking light is the "downtown". She is a full-time mother of three boisterous kiddos who like to keep her on her toes. Melody also does her best to keep up with her small colony of cats, the family foster dog, and the often-forgotten hamster. Outside of being a wife and mother, she likes to occupy her time geeking out about birth and girl power. She is looking forward to a future career as a midwife and in the meantime meets all her 'birthy' needs by gawking and fawning over birth images. She can be found on Instagram as thebirthbody.

Put Your Dukes Down: Approaching the Election Year with a Clear Head

Let me just start by saying, I think I might be writing this for myself. To say it nicely {because it’s 2020 and we should say nice things about ourselves}, I’m politically… uh… passionate....

Advice to my Future Teenagers in Just Two Words

The teenage years were not my favorite part of growing up. I’m just going to take a wild guess that parenting a teenager will not be my favorite part of parenting. Teenagers are tough. At...

‘Tis the Season to be Spooky – One Mother’s Experience with Sleep Paralysis

You know that feeling when you jolt awake from a nightmare? Your body floods with a blend of fear and relief. Perhaps your dream felt real enough that you reach over to your partner...

To My Friend Who Miscarried, I’m So Sorry

I'm so sorry. I’m sorry for the life you lost before you had a chance to meet. I’m sorry that year after year, on her due date, you wonder what she’d have looked like another...

Stay-At-Home Feminist: It’s Time I State My Case

I don’t burn my bras. I wear them, begrudgingly, as an extra layer to catch leaky milk. I don’t know the names of famous Suffragettes and I’ve never attended a Women’s March, primarily because...

Lessons from a New Mom, Perfection Is Not The Goal

We’ve all been there – the first-time mom. What a whirlwind! The new mom phase is exhausting, and not just because we are adapting to living with interrupted sleep, but also because we suddenly find...

7 Dinner Recipes From A Mom Who Hates To Cook

All mothers have that one chore, that one obligation that sends a shiver up our spine and puts dread into our very soul. Maybe it’s laundry. Maybe it’s mopping or wiping butts or dishes....

Reflecting on the Narcissist in the Mirror

My husband and I were chatting recently and came to the subject of social media. He believes firmly that most people use social media as a personal quest for celebrity. Everyone wants to be...

Life Lesson: Plan To Be Surprised

I’ve never really thought that I was great at anything. I’m good at some things, but greatness, mastery, excellence – those words have never really described my skillset. And I’m pretty OK with being...