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I Couldn’t. I Wouldn’t. I Shouldn’t: My Amazing, Outlandish, Middle-Aged Adventure

An adventure? I couldn't. I wouldn't. I shouldn't. All three immediate and strong responses when my friends - my "tribe" - came up with the outlandish idea of going on an adventure. Outlandish? How outlandish...
pregnant women

Tips on How to Talk to a Pregnant Woman

Women have been pregnant since the beginning of time...literally. Regardless of whether you believe everyone came from Adam and Eve or from early men and women during the Paleolithic era, we can agree pregnant...

Raising Children Without the Village

The last several days as a stay-at-home mom have been very much the same. I get up with my children, make breakfast, try and fail to drink my coffee while it’s hot. We watch YouTube nursery rhyme videos, read books, make trips to the store. We go on the occasional playdate with the local mom group. We check out local zoos, splash pads, and playgrounds.

I Found My Village – Have You?!?

When I got pregnant I knew it would be no walk in the park. I knew it was going to be long days, and even longer nights. I knew exhaustion was coming, and maybe a tiny dose of irritability. However, in my mind, I believed I could handle it all. I wasn't the girl looking for her 'village'. How wrong was I?

4 Tips For Engaging With Your Anxious Teenager

The teenage years are a flurry of emotions, bodily changes, relationships, school, and a host of other noise. We can all remember having those “teenage moments”; where we made a big deal about something that was, in reality, not a big deal. It’s easy for us to see that now, but our teenagers are in that fog of emotions right now.