Hey J.Lo and Shakira, Well Done Sharing the Stage!

If you ask me Sunday night’s Super Bowl LIV halftime show was epic. For the first time EVER, two Latina women headlined the halftime show and in my opinion, they took over the stage at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida and absolutely killed it. 

During the performance, my young daughter stared at the TV dancing throughout the entire show. She was enthralled watching two women in glittery outfits dancing like they’ve worked their entire lives for that moment. J.Lo and Shakira not only embraced their feminine energy, but they also embraced their culture and paid homage to the host city.

The booty-shaking, hair-tossing, pole-dancing moves didn’t bother me at all nor did they make me want to cover my daughter’s eyes. J.Lo showcased her hard work to dominate the stage in the new movie Hustlers, so did anyone really think she wasn’t going to show it off during the halftime show? She worked her booty off to learn those skills… I’d be capitalizing on it too!

In recent years, we’ve heard from female icons about how hard it is to maneuver through celebrity life as a woman. I couldn’t help but sigh as I scrolled through social media feeds following the halftime show. So many negative comments about their performance! Maybe those feelings were written in a swirl of jealousy. After all, Jennifer Lopez is 50-years-old and has more endurance than some of us in our mid-30’s. Shakira celebrated her 43rd birthday on stage. Male musicians have performed in that same Super Bowl spotlight for years doing their own provocative dance moves, yet I can’t recall a similar flood of negativity even after a shirt gets ripped off, exposing abs of steel. Both women danced their hearts out and deserve a standing ovation from anyone who appreciates real, feminine energy.

So hey J.Lo and Shakira, well done! Thank you for an absolutely entertaining Super Bowl LIV performance that truly showcased your culture and femininity.

I’m well aware that not everyone agrees, but that’s my take… what is yours?


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