Mom Goals: Chase Your Dreams and Fulfill Your Purpose

Imagine a young girl who is just about to turn 21 and has traveled across the country from the USA to the UK to study Fashion. This girl was from the small town of Flint, MI. She did not grow up with a lot of money and never even thought that the opportunity of going to college in another country was an option for her. One day, in college, she was challenged by a professor. In response to this challenge, she and her Asian friends decided they were going to study in London. They somehow received the funds and worked for the funds necessary to go after this dream they had together. This young girl is black might I add. 

Once she arrived in London and showed up to her first class, her professor gave her homework. She had to study fashion trends. This was when she discovered H&M, TopShop, and many other trendy fashion stores that she had never heard of. Imagine her eyes being opened to the many opportunities she had before her.

Mom Goals: Chase Your Dreams and Fulfill Your Purpose

Picture this… A little over ten years later that same young woman is contacted to be included in the Grand Opening of a store that inspired her fashion story. H&M!! Who would have ever thought that the story would come full circle for her? Just a young girl from Flint, MI with a dream!

Why did I mention that this young woman was black and her friends were Asian? Because I wanted you to see that girlfriends who push you into your purpose are not always the same color, same age, same tax bracket, same neighborhood, same likes or dislikes… However as women we all have things in common. We all need each other. 

Mom Goals: Chase Your Dreams and Fulfill Your Purpose
H&M in Flint

This young black girl was me. Being involved with the H&M opening was exciting and amazing!! The clothes were on sale and I had to run out of there without buying every single thing they had for my daughter. Ah-mazing! But once I got to my car I saw how this was a reminder of the dream I had as a young woman. 

What dreams or goals did you have as a young woman? Did you decide that because you are now a mom, that you had to let go of them? If you did this let me tell you that H&M had to come all the way to FLINT and remind me of the dream. You can do it! Go for it! Don’t let go of your dreams! 



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