6 Things You NEED to Know About ‘Period Panties’

I’m going to keep this brief, hehe, because let’s be honest, our free time is limited – but when I find a mom hack, or in this case, a period hack, I have to shout it from the rooftops and share it with everyone I know. So, here it is friends – period panties.

Please tell me you have at least heard of these bed sheet-saving, worry-reducing, miracle workers??? No? Oh man, well you are in for a treat! There are a million and a half different styles and manufacturers, but these panties are my go-to. These, like most other brands, give you amazing protection, are made of soft, smooth, and strong Bamboo fabric, and are super absorbent!

Without further ado, here are six reasons you should look into period panties:

  1. Leak-proof! 
    • The panties I linked above are high-waisted, fit snuggly, and provide full front to rear coverage. Perfect for heavy days or overnight ware – whether you are a side or back sleeper.
  2. Comfortable and discreet
    • The panties aren’t bulky and don’t feel much different than wearing any other pair of underwear. The Bamboo makes them feel soft and smooth.
  3. Relatively inexpensive and washable
    • The pair linked above is $15 per pair or $35 for three pairs. Clean-up is a bit messy but takes less than a minute to give them a quick rinse and wring out. Toss them in the laundry and voila.
  4. Great non-toxic choice for period hygiene
    • The panties are made of Bamboo and spandex. That’s it.
  5. Keep you dry
    • The 4 layers of material and Bamboo fabric absorb liquids faster than cotton and honestly keep you feeling dry.
  6. Super absorbant
    • These bad boys are the real deal and hold up to 30 mLs of liquid {equvilent to the absorbancy of 2 super tampons}.

period panties

Whether you are looking for ‘backup’ period coverage or a non-toxic way to manage your period, look into a pair of period panties and enjoy!


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